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Perfectly Different Cartoon Character

Perfectly Different

Rayne’s Vitiligo Experience

Perfectly Different is here and we’re thrilled to share Rayne’s story with you all! Rayne Stewart is a self-published author from Baltimore MD, she published her book in 2018 at age 14. Stewart is now 18 years old and attending the illustrious Spelman College. Rayne was inspired to write Perfectly Different after being diagnosed with the skin condition Vitiligo at age 8. In the children’s book, Perfectly Different Rayne shares her story about the challenges she encounters while her appearance is changing in her middle school years. 
Rayne hopes to reach all the Perfectly Different children of the world with her story. To let them know that being different isn’t necessarily a bad thing- It’s actually awesome to be Perfectly Different in your own unique way.

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At the age of 8, I was diagnosed with the skin condition Vitiligo. Read about my journey upon being diagnosed and how I learned to embrace the skin I am in. 

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Flowing Freely!!!

Flowing Freely is finally here!

This is an inspirational short film where I talk about my journey with vitiligo after being diagnosed at 8 years old. Check out the film and get more information about the film at

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Ms. Rayne Monique Stewart


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